Seeing Circle City Take Off

**Disclaimer** I know this round of BTWG is suppose to be about me going through the program but I can’t totally separate my business mind out of my personal mind. It’s all tangled up in there. So it’s natural that the business side of Circle City would creep in to this blog too.**

With that disclaimer said, I am so damn excited about the future of Circle City! Watching a small business start to really take off it so much fun. All these little victories, a new member one week, then another, new classes, a video on the evening news, a newspaper write up, new faces at Guest Days and workshops, etc. It’s like how a train starts moving. You know those first few moments where it’s just slowly gaining ground? That’s Circle City right now. But then what happens? Yep, pretty soon it’s plowing along. Moved not just by the energy being put in to it, but also by the energy of its own momentum. To be able to see that happening from this side is thrilling.

If you’re in the Indianapolis area and you aren’t currently a Circle City member, you need to check it out. We’re going someplace incredible and you’ll want to be along for the journey!


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