“Easy” Is Killing Us

I like to think that the “Health & Fitness” category on Pinterest isn’t really an accurate reflection of the mindset of the general population. But I fear that I may be wrong. And frankly I choke a little even accepting that the majority of items pinned in that category could be called health or fitness. “Thinspo” and fuel for negative body image, yes. Health or Fitness? Not so much. I won’t even give time to discuss the pins that are full on instructions for eating disorders.

One to my point . . .

“This is so easy!”, “OMG, lose 15 pounds in two minutes a day!”, “Finally an easy weight loss plan!”

When it comes to health and fitness, is easy and quick really our only requirements now? Have we become a society so demanding of immediate gratification that we can’t see beyond the next fourteen days? We aren’t fruit flies. Our lives do not begin and end in a matter of days. I think we’d be alright if the fitness plan we’re following is closer to “Doable” and “Challenging But Attainable”.

We’re underestimating our true power and abilities. When we do this then even if we reach our fitness goal, it’s likely not to last. How many of you know someone that lost X number of pounds doing some radical diet? And did it work for them in the long run? I’m betting not.

We are so much smarter than this! If you’ve ever been a college student, or a parent, or a even simply a chess player then you know, in your heart, that the good stuff takes time. Being fit and healthy isn’t something to simply check off of your to-do list and then leave it behind like a basket of laundry sitting on the dryer. This is the rest of your life. And it’s ok if the progress isn’t always “easy” or “quick”.

Extend the same grace and understanding to your self as you would extend to your child or a friend when they’re struggling with a change. “Easy” doesn’t last anyway.


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