A Lightbulb Moment

This morning talking with Kelly, I was sharing my displeasure with the lack of family dinners at my house. In the past, we always sat down at the kitchen table and had dinner together. All three of us, every evening at 5:00pm unless we happened to be going out to dinner or on vacation. Then when I joined the gym, I didn’t eat dinner before working out at the evening classes but I’d still sit down with Ben and J and have some almonds or something small before dinner. Now we’re at a point where we’re never at the table together and we’re rarely eating anything close to the same meal. It’s seriously bothering me.

Through our conversation it hit me that the idea of family meals represents a normal, happy family. And that’s what I find myself trying to create over and over. I’m trying to grasp at all these aspects of what a perfect family should be because that’s not what I had but it’s what I want for my daughter.

When she’s nearing 40, will she really be sitting reflecting on a lack of a nightly, perfect family dinner? Probably not. Maybe the the hours of quality time that we spend together each day outweighs where we are sitting while we eat. Maybe this is one of those things that I think is about one thing but it’s really about something else. Hmmm, interesting things for me to ponder today!


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