Has It Really Been Four Weeks?

How did that happen? Do you ever feel like you just blinked and months went by? I swear that’s how I feel about the time span between Christmas and now.  I’m positive that it was just 9 days ago that I was watching J open her Christmas presents. For that matter, I’m sure it was just a year or two ago that she was born.

I’m always hesitant to wish time away. I try not to say “I can’t wait for X, Y or Z” because time already goes by so fast. I don’t want to get to the end of my life and regret wishing away the boring days due to always being in a quest for the exciting ones. Although lately, there hasn’t been enough free time to have a boring day. In fact, boring sounds pretty fabulous right about now.

Here’s to a boring day for all of us and the luxury of enjoying it!


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